Liver cirrhosis and its consequences

Liver cirrhosis and its consequences

M, [05/31/21 12:49 PM]

In this post, we will analyze: What is cirrhosis of the liver and the causes of its occurrence🤓

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Cirrhosis of the liver is a thickening and violation of the structure of the liver, as a result of chronic inflammation of blood vessels, biliary tract, lobules. With cirrhosis, there is a decrease in its functionality.

What are the reasons❓

✅ viral hepatitis (B, C, delta, G);

✅Autoimmune diseases, when the body perceives its own cells as foreign;

✅ alcohol abuse, the disease manifests itself within 10-15 years from the start of use (60 grams / day for men, 20 g / day for women);

✅metabolic disorders (hemochromatosis, disease, alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency, etc.);

✅ chemical toxic substances and medicines;

✅hepatotoxic drugs;

✅mechanical blockage of the extrahepatic and intrahepatic biliary tract due to the formation of gallstones. For the development of cirrhosis, the presence of a violation of the passage of bile from 3 to 18 months is sufficient;

 ✅ diseases of the biliary tract (secondary biliary cirrhosis of the liver).

What is dangerous⁉️


The last stages of cirrhosis lead to oncology. Since, first, inflammation appears in the liver, regardless of the cause, and after 10-20 years, fibrosis develops, then cirrhosis, and then liver cancer. This process is called the hepatic continuum. ⠀

With late detection, this disease cannot be cured.

 And in many cases, liver transplantation is the only and effective way to save the patient's life.