Узи суставов

Узи суставов

💁‍♀ Make any movement easily and without pain - I want it to be like this always, agree❓
🔷️ Timely diagnosis helps to avoid many joint problems, and ultrasound is one of the most popular and effective methods. You can go through this procedure not only in the direction of a doctor, but also independently with the following symptoms:
⠀◾ Pain in the joint

◾Pain after exercise

◾ Difficulty flexing

◾ Impaired mobility

◾ Perceptible inflammation and swelling

◾Injuries with tears of ligaments, muscles, tendons

✅Ultrasound helps to examine changes inside the joint and in the periarticular soft tissues, which makes it possible to detect inflammation, rupture or tear of the joint, osteoarthritis and other diseases.

☎️ Make an appointment for ultrasound of the joints in our clinic in Medela by calling the following numbers:

📲 (90) 906 55 00; 📲 (90) 910 91 67